Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kindof really fucked up...

So, this has been an awesome weekend. Blink 182, Weezer, and Okstate have made this weekend really great. I'm back on Releana, and i'm on my last loading day, which means i'm getting totally wasted on the rest of our liquor, which also means i'm blogging.

It's been such a great weekend, and it's only half over. I've lost a pound, without trying, and I'm drunk. It's a win win weekend.

Pobre OU, lost to BYU. Its their own fault for going into the season so cocky. Sam Bradford is injured..maybe he should have just entered the NFL, and made a million dollars. Ooops.

Woohoo, it our tiiiiimmmmee to sshhiiinneee. dooodooooodooodoo. Titan AE theme song pops in my head.

I love OSU. Despite a lifetime of making fun of school pride, I am full of it. I love the school i go to, and i think that we going to do great this year.!!!

On a different note, we will hopefully be attending the "Deathklok" concert in Tulsa. It will be pretty Metal. Yeah, whooo...

Great semester so far, nothing much but my own nerosis to deal with...woooooooo