Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break

Nothing kicks off a blog entry like a cat picture!

Spring Break comes just in time every year. Just when you think that if you have to write another goddamn paper, or take one more motherfucking test, your going to driver you're car off a cliff, Spring Break comes to the rescue! This year we will be headed back to North Carolina to spend time with my sister! Yay!

The long, cold winter was cruel and unrelenting, but cool spring showers are coming to wash away the bitter chill. : ) Unfortunately, in Oklahoma, we celebrate spring with tornadoes! And I live in a mobile home, uh oh! Thunder and rain and tornadoes, oh my!

My new blog flavor of the week is Unhappy Hipsters. : ) Nothing starts my day off like a shot of cool wit.

So, I got drunk last night, and started a twitter. It's kind of lame so far. I guess it's up to me to make it interesting huh. If anyone reads this, and has a twitter, friend me, or whatever it is on twitter. The only people I have found so far are my mom, and mother in law.