Sunday, May 31, 2009

I QUIT!!!!

That's right, I'm unemployed. Which is awesome, while we still have money.

While we're not entirely unemployed, we both are working for our parents, I feel infinitely liberated. I was so so depressed working nights and being bossed around by that stupid fat bitch, Tiffany. I may be liberated, but I'm still bitter. I swear to god, if I ever see her hideous blue PT Cruiser I'm going to smear roadkill on it.

I'm still healing.

Anyways, so we've basically budgeted for the rest of the summer. Because Dustin's mom has agreed to defer our house payment while Dustin is in school, the rent on our other house will make most of our bills. We will probably try to get a work study during the school year, which will work better with our school schedule than trying to go to class after being awake all night. For now we've been living off of money that we saved this semester.

I feel so so so much better. I can't even describe how happy I am that I don't have to go in that place at eleven o'clock at night every night. I do miss our regulars though, Verlin, Mr. Broom, and Johnny the Super Trucker. : (. There are people that I do not miss however, such as Adam, who would come in and talk to us for an eternity about his awkward interactions with women.

There were good part of the job, but there was always an overwhelming bad feeling in that place.

Thank god it's over.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Schools Out For Summer

Seriously guys, what is all this yellow fluffy stuff about?

Yay! So shit's rapidly improved since school's been out. We've got the electrical problem figured out, although it has not been fixed yet, raaa. Work still sucks, and we're still waiting to find out "what happens in June" duh duh duuuuuh. I'm not sure if I told that story in it's entirety yet, so here goes: One very bad night, in the middle of the shit storm that was the month of April, T-bone hands me and Dustin this stack of papers and asks us to sign the top sheet. So first of all, the rebellious teenager little shit in my head is like, heck no, I'm not signing shit. And then I look through them, and it's a stack of tardy reports from like the last three months that she's just now getting us to sign. Now, we have physical proof that she shred's our time cards, which I'm not even sure that she is supposed to do, so basically they are S-O-L as far as proof of our tardiness goes. So we tell her that we've got to talk to our lawyer before we sign anything. The look on her face when we said that was FREAKING PRICELESS. It was something like total defeat with a hint of befuddlement and a touch of frustration. So, apparently just saying the magic word "lawyer" was enough to totally freak her and the Head Cheese out, because the next day we hear that he called his ACCOUNTANT (ha) and asked him if we had any recourse, to which he said no, of course. What is so stupid, and hilarious, is that we were just covering our own asses. We had no intention to sue him for anything..well at least not for the whole tardiness issue, and just mentioning the word "lawyer" totally freaked him out. Something important to note, by the way, is that this guy is totally freakin' screwed anyways, because he owes more money on this place than he is ever going to be able to make payments on, and unless some shit head bails him out, which is apparently what usually happens, some Big Oil Guy in Weatherford is going to own his ass. So, anyways, apparently T-potamus was pissed that day and was telling everyone how "just we wait till June". This, by the way, all happened about two weeks before we put in a time off request for two weeks in June for our Alaska thing with my fam, so that complicates the situation even further.

So, apparently, shit's gonna change in June. And by change, I mean not a damn thing is going to change. That is, unless the bitch doesn't give us our time off, in which case we will probably have to quit. Honestly, I am hoping that we can stick it out until at least the end of summer, because we are trying to save money so that we don't have to work in the school year, but if we had to quit we would probably be ok... and by that I mean that I hope that we would be ok.

Anyways, besides the potential financial crisis, I am really looking forward to going to Alaska, except for the part where my mom is freaking out because she doesn't want us drinking on the trip, which kind of blows. I can't even remember the last time I went two weeks without drinking ... hmmm... so this should be interesting. I guess I'll have to go with the trusty old stand-by, late night pizza, to suppress my anxiety from having to deal with my m for two weeks. Yay for avoidance behaviors! Hope I don't come back in a straight jacket.

Also, in other work news, our friend Lauretta quit, which blows, because our alliance is down to two, me and dustin. And also because we don't have anyone to hang out with us at work, that is unless we get a visit from our friend the Beejinator : ). Seriously, we appreciate it when anybody comes and sees us at work, so when Lauretta and Beej stayed until like five in the morning the other day, we could have been more grateful. That was an awesome night. As was the night that my sister, logan and dan stayed with us until four. An equally awesome night. The only thing that I love more than sticking it to the man, is sticking it to the man, and hanging out with people that I care about. It make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that people care enough about us that they would sacrifice sleeping to hang out in a shitty gas station on the highway all night. I love you guys : ).