Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recovery: Week One

TLDR at bottom. 

Day 1 (Day of surgery):
Arrived at the Lakeside at 7:30AM, signed in and paid.
-Called back to presurgical area. Put on my Bear Hug garment. IV Started, easy peas.  Saline and antibiotics only. Very worried for a good hour prior to surgery, so I didn't say much.  Everybody thought I was drugged already, but I was really dazed from anxiety. 
-Rolled into the operating room. It was cold, but I was having my morning sweats, so it felt so good. The last thing I remember was my anesthesiologist telling me I should be feeling something. 
-The next thing I remember was waking up. I was so sleepy, and my knee jerk request was for coffee.  I was in and out all day, and my family was in my room, and I felt left out. So I asked for coffee all day, and all I got was a nope and a giggle every time. I got IV pain meds all day, and didn't feel pain for the most part, day one.
-I was awake that evening when my night nurse check on me. Surprise! She was Staci Driskill Maloney! At first I felt weird that she was going to see me in a pretty vulnerable state, but she was so professional, and nurturing.  Best nurse ever!
-The next morning I had my catheter out. That sucked for about ten seconds. Especially since it meant I had to get out of bed to pee afterwards. 

Day 2-
-New nurse checked on me, and tells me that Dr. Nelsen usually does her rounds midmorning.  Okey dokey. 
-Dustin gets a call that Lola needs to be picked up soon, so leaves to pick her up. Parents should be there soon. 
- Doze for awhile, and then Dr. Nelsen comes in and tells me that my blood count is great.....And also that my insurance company only approved my stay for one day. All alone, and freaking out.  Later my dad tells me that I was only admitted under 24hr observation, as opposed to being properly admitted to the hospital, meaning I could only stay until 1ish in the afternoon.  

- So I'm released to go home. I go to Braums on the way home! Because I'm a bauss!! And also to CVS to get my pain meds.  

-I sleep on and off for the following evening. Matthew stays the night, and he and Dustin take great care of me.  

Day 3,4:
Housework, dishes and laundry. Too much of it, out of boredom. Regrets later.

Day 5:
So. Much. Pain. Sleep all day. 

Day 6: Another rest day.

Day 7: Went to Guardians of the Galaxy at night. Fun, but uncomfortable. Popcorn for dinner.

Day 8: Went to my momma's house. We had so much fun  watching reality show smut! Love it! Mild to moderate pain.

Day 9: Petsmart and Earls BBQ. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy on IMAX 3D. 

Day 10: Rest. Plan on working monday. 

TLDR:  Surgery; surprise early release; 2 hard busy days; 2 resty days; weekend activities.  Sunday rest. 

Also, no pictures of fibroid yet, for those interested.