Friday, August 27, 2010

Gluten Free

Duder and I are doing an experiment.  For the past couple years Dustin has had some pretty serious digestive issues.  I've suspected for a while that he was suffering from Celiac Disease, since he's experienced other symptoms of the disease, including a rash on his torso that appeared about a year ago, when we were still working nights, that we lovingly referred to as his "dragon scales".  Fortunately,  with a combination of sunshine and keeping it moisturized it disappeared after about six months.  So, about a week ago we started an experiment to see if gluten was causing his troubles.  

He's had a little improvement, but it has been hard to cut it out completely.  Fast food,  which we had been turning to a lot since our move,   is now almost completely out of the question.  Also, wheat is a sneaky ingredient in a lot of processed foods.  Two days ago I made Rotel Cheese Dip (which so bad for you anyways) and as I was cleaning up, read the back of the "Cream of Mushroom" Soup. The second ingredient: Wheat Flour.  Stupidly, I hadn't read the label before I made it, otherwise I would have left it out.  

It's hard on him because so many of his favorite foods are wheat based.  Specifically, pizza.  So, yesterday, I made my first attempt at gluten free pizza crust.  Since buying all the different flours to make gluten free doughs is a pain in the ass, and since I'm pretty inexperienced at gluten free baking, I opted to go with a mix.  Bob's Red Mill has a great line of gluten free products, including cake mix, brownie mix, and all purpose flour.  We used our new George Forman Grill, with a baking cooking plate, which is awesome.  I made cheese pizza with mexican cheese,  and it was pretty awesome.  

Today was his birthday,  so I made a gluten free birthday dinner: Steak (salmon for me), garlic mashed potatoes, ceasar salad, and gluten free corn bread (Bob's Red Mill again!)  It all turned out pretty well.  

Slowly, we're getting better at excluding gluten from our diet.  I really hope it gives him some relief.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Getting Kicked Out of My House Made My Life So Much Better

So, our lives have basically been turned upside-down in the past three weeks.  Fortunately,  everything worked out for the best, and we are much, much better off.

It all started with an unkept lawn.  This was a result of a series of mishaps; first Dustin's John Deere lawn mower broke,  then my dad's lawn mower broke,  leaving Dustin to mow 2.3 acres with a twenty year old push mower.  Despite his best efforts,  the lawn got out of control, and the "rental house" that we were working on did not get finished in the time that we were supposed to get it done.  This was partly because Dustin did not want to ask for any help, and partly because we had neither the experience nor the money to fix the rental house.  So, the owner of the property, who shall remain unnamed (as she is closely related to us), and who was graciously allowing us to live there free of charge, found a potential renter for the other house on the property.  So, (from what I can gather),  she brought that potential renter onto the property, to find the place quite a mess.  This is our fault (mostly).  In our defense,  we were doing the best we could with the resources we had, and we had lived most of the summer (the hottest in recent history) without air conditioning.  The truth is, that when we moved onto the property, we were completely unprepared to deal with the many problems that were to befall as, and, as a result, were eventually completely overwhelmed with even the day to day upkeep of the place.

This event initiated a series of inappropriate, hateful text messages from the above mentioned party.  These were likely fueled by a combination of justified frustration, and alcohol;  nonetheless, they were  inappropriately hostile, critical, and hurtful (not to mention incoherent).  I would also like to mention, that this hatefulness was returned by neither Dustin, nor myself, and that my best efforts at reasonable discourse were met with incoherent insults, and attacks unrelated to the issue.  Eventually, we were essentially told to "get the hell out."

So, we "got the hell out." The next day, I took off work, we scrambled together as much money as we could muster, and we found an apartment in town. Since "she" was out of town, we had a week to move all our stuff into the apartment, into storage, into the trash, and to Goodwill, before she got back, which we did.

Here's the fucking kicker though.  By the middle of that week, Dustin had made nice with her, and she asked him if he would help one of her employees mow the lawn.  Dustin agreed, and they cleaned up the yard, while I continued to get our stuff out of the houses.  At the end of the day, Dustin gets a call, and she's asking how nice the yard is (like she's doing us a big favor) and thanking him for helping.  Dustin then say's (and I'm paraphrasing) "ya, I think we're going back to our apartment now and rest"...."What, you mean the other trailer"..."no,  like my apartment, in town"..."You did what? You moved?!"  She either didn't really think we would follow through with it, or forgot she had kicked us out!

Other than the drama that had ensued,  moving into an apartment was bitter sweet.  On one hand, we really liked living close to the outdoors, being able to look out of our windows in the morning at the trees and the birds.  On the other hand, the "house" we were living in had no proper air conditioning, other than a window unit that cooled the main room of the house, which we had moved our bed into so we didn't melt at night.  It was old, always dirty(despite my best efforts), unfinished, and still has black mold lingering about(but, hey, it was free, right?). Not to mention the weight of the tasks at hand had really been constantly weighing on us, and had created a lot of anxiety for both Dustin and myself.  The apartment we moved to is so much easier to keep clean, there is little to no maintenance, which is good since I need to focus on school, and Dustin needs to focus on getting a job.  And, the best part is that we have been severed from the responsibility of preparing and renting the property we were living on, which is a bigger job than I think she realizes that it's going to be.  It has been an incredibly liberating, and educational experience.

I am so relieved that it is over, and more excited about our future than ever!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

For better or worse...

... can be complicated sometimes, but it is absolutely worth it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I feel like a kid, waiting for Christmas morning, except i hope Santa doesn't come...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


After I graduate in the Fall...hopefully graduate that is... Dustin and I are planning on moving to Tulsa!!!!

I will be heading up the Optilean program up there, teaching classes, consulting patients, etc.  And until that gets off the ground, I will be doing stuff for Fedcare, and other workers comp stuff up there!

So excited!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Today tastes like a Golden Delicious Apple, straight out of the fridge. Cold, crisp, juicy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break

Nothing kicks off a blog entry like a cat picture!

Spring Break comes just in time every year. Just when you think that if you have to write another goddamn paper, or take one more motherfucking test, your going to driver you're car off a cliff, Spring Break comes to the rescue! This year we will be headed back to North Carolina to spend time with my sister! Yay!

The long, cold winter was cruel and unrelenting, but cool spring showers are coming to wash away the bitter chill. : ) Unfortunately, in Oklahoma, we celebrate spring with tornadoes! And I live in a mobile home, uh oh! Thunder and rain and tornadoes, oh my!

My new blog flavor of the week is Unhappy Hipsters. : ) Nothing starts my day off like a shot of cool wit.

So, I got drunk last night, and started a twitter. It's kind of lame so far. I guess it's up to me to make it interesting huh. If anyone reads this, and has a twitter, friend me, or whatever it is on twitter. The only people I have found so far are my mom, and mother in law.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Me during most of the ice storm

The cold, crappy weather is bringing me down. I'm even more introverted than usual....

Oh sun, come out and warm this lonely heart.

"Operation Get My Shit Together" is back on track. The ice storm was a nice vacation, but getting back on top of my shit has been a challenge. During the ice storm we basically just watched movies and hardlined jager till we passed out.
Did we really finish the jager. Damn.

It was pretty awesome. But now I'm slowly getting back to my routines. The house is finally clean, homework done. Life is good. I need to crawl out of my comfortable shell and start socializing, but I haven't really felt like it. It's alot of work, and I'm tired (lazy).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lovely Lady

My dear Aunt JoAnn passed away last Thursday evening. She was found Tuesday morning by her son, Bryan. She had had a heart attack, and had passed away quickly.

This week has been exceptionly trying for my mom. My heart breaks for her, because if my sister died, it would be devastating.

At the "visitation" (which is what they had instead of a wake) and her funeral, they showed a slide show of pictures from her life... and she was fucking fabulous.
These aren't very good pictures of her, but do you see that freaking beehive!

She had great taste, and was very very creative.

Her death was really sudden, and everybody is extremely saddened by her death. We are all going to miss her presence in our lives.