Friday, September 5, 2008

Pea Wee

We have a new set of kittens on our property, but we've only seen one so far.

He (I think it's a he) told me that his name was Pea Wee. Pea Wee lives under our back porch, is bright orange like his Daddy, and likes to torture Clementine. They happily chattered at each other this morning during Clementines daily time on the Covered Porch. I spotted him, and took some pictures, but as soon as he saw me, he scurried under the stairs. So I left him a trail of kitty treats, which were missing when I checked back. He is a cutie, but I think he prefers being an outside kitty, and as far as I can tell is taking very good care of himself, so I will leave him outside.

Our other orange kitty, Butters, has not been around since the first time I saw her, and I worry that maybe something got her. She was so friendly and appreciated our attention, I hope that she is OK.

We saw Biscuit yesterday too. She is a Torti, like Harvey was, but a little older. I've seen her a couple times, but she is very sciddish, and doesn't want to be friends quite yet.

My, my, our place is just crawling with kitties. I love it.