Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fat Squirrels

We have the fattest squirrels I've ever seen. As they leap from tree to tree, they drag the poor limbs down, nearly breaking them. When their fat little asses jump on the roof, it sounds like Santa's Sleigh has come in for a landing. They are fat from eating pecans from the several pecan trees on our property. They will undoubtedly winter well.

We got the "Rainbow Bridge" card today. It was nice, but it is kind of like a twist of the knife. For anyone who doesn't know what Rainbow Bridge is, it's a place that pets go (according to the card) to wait for you when you die. And when you have to put an animal to sleep, the vet's office always sends you the Rainbow Bridge card, which you receive just as you are getting over the grief of losing you're pet.

We also inherited Angel. She is the dog of my youth, and my parents have been trying to get us to take her ever since we got our own place. They conveniently went on vacay and needed someone to take care of her. I doubt, however, that they will be back to retrieve her, which is just as well, since they treat her like a red-headed stepchild. Since she has been at my house, she has been a very good little girl, not peeing on the carpet and such. She has also been shaved, as she has a very thick, long coat that is cruel to leave her in in the hot weather. She is now naked as she came, and is much easier to keep clean, and doesn't shed.

So that's all of my animal news. Ta ta.