Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...Who needs a drink!

Oooo, ooo, Me!

I love me some Christmas, but Lord Almighty it is stressful. It is the second Christmas in a row that Dustin couldn't be with his family, and he misses them, bless his heart. OMG though, I'm already tired of all the dram. Dustin wanted to go sleep at his parents house, I guess because, (a) katie and logan ditched, and my mom stresses him out; and (b) because Deally is there all by herself. So I told him that he was starting shit, and to go fuck himself and stay there, because he was, and everyone thought that he was leaving because he hated them and blah blah blah. He really is trying, but being here stresses him out because he doesn't like being confrontational, and my family lives on conflict.

Christmas food is good though, even though my tummy doesn't think so. It will be glad to be feasting again, a/o January 1. Thank God, because I feel like such a FAT ASS. ugh.