Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Hair

I dyed my hair black black last night. Maybe a little darker than I had intended, but I prefer to over do it than under do it.

I have five more days of summer school left, which is pretty cool. I'm in life span nutrition, but it seems more like a class in breastfeeding. Which, I think breastfeeding is pretty important, but we spent nearly a week on the topic, in a four week class. I should get like a certificate on the subject or something. It was pretty fascinating, though. Apparently, when a baby is fresh (just born), you can set the baby on the mommy's chest, and it will climb to the breast and start nursing. Weird, but cool.

If you are a grown up, and want to see this, here is a video from Unicef (it's a bit graphic):

Weird huh. We're like little monkeys.