Monday, June 30, 2008

Rent House

So, I didn't mention that we have a second, crappier, house on our property that we are going to use as a rent house as soon as school rolls around again. The only problem is that it needs tons and tons of work done on it before we can rent it out. Not fun.

We worked till about 11:00 last Thursday night pulling up carpet that refused to go quietly. And, in case you haven't ever done this nasty task, carpet pad is the most vile stuff to touch. It was gross and exhausting.

This weekend however, we were able to work on our own house, happily. Dustin's parents came down, and fixed a spot in our subfloor that had gotten wet. We also laid down wood laminate in the kitchen, which looks AWESOME, but has been a booger to put in. Dustin mowed, and made the outside look oh-so-pretty. Dustin's mom says our property looks like a park, and it does! It's just so beautiful out there!

Still haven't moved in, which is driving me crazy! But I want to get all of the work done on our house so it is just perfect when we move in! It's all been very surreal, but I'm so happy, and excited to be starting this new part of our lives!