Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today was an adventure

Oh man, today was crazy.

Indiana Jones IV came out today, which Dustin has been buggin' out about for like three years. We had been discussing where we were going to go "experience" it for the first time, but hadn't really decided where and when, until today at three o'clock in the afternoon, when Dustin got a wild hair up his ass and wanted to go see it at the Harkins at midnight. So, considering he's waited for so long, I conceded, and we headed to OKC at like five. We had more time than we had anticipated on our hands, so we went to POPS in Arcadia, where we got the most expensive freakin soda of my life, which was totally worth it. We were pretty hungry post-soda, so we headed to Downtown OKC to get some grub. I wanted bread and olive oil, so I suggested Zio's and Dustin went, even though he didn't act especially excited about it. When we got there we discovered that it was Rose State graduation, and that ALL of the freakin' graduates had decided to eat at Zio's. So we wait for our table (even though their 'immediate seating' sign was on, and when they finally sat us, our table was right next to where everyone was waiting. At this point Dustin is still not thrilled, but is tolerating the situation. Then we see some girl from OCA who neither of us really talked to in high school, but who there was bound to be an awkward "hey, how are you" conversion with. So, after dodging her, and waiting like fifteen minutes with no service, we bolted. We decided to go to Bourbon Street Cafe, where nobody had decided to go for graduation, and we had a nice quiet dinner.
After a post-meal nap in the car, we decided to go into the theater, and find our seats. As we're walking in we saw Colby and Alise, also from OCA, but less awkward. We had actually kind of expected to see them there, since that crew is always at midnight movie premieres, which is pretty cool. We go inside with them, and meet up with Luke and Taylor, also from OCA, and sit and talk for like two hours while we wait for the movie.
Then the movie starts, and it freakin' rocks... until about five minutes before the end of the movie when the projector ate the reel. Bummer. Fortunately, all was not lost, and they got the movie back on track shortly. It kind of killed the suspense, but it was funny, and a good opportunity to go to the potty.

To finish up, here is a fucking hilarious video about how George Lucas might fuck up Indiana Jones IV, watch it: