Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet my kitty.

I am becoming one of "those people". The kind of people that I use to have so much disdain for. I'm becoming a cat person. I used to think that I was a dog person all the way. But then my former roommate got a cat, and everything started to turn. When she moved back to Texas, and took her kitty with her, I had the bug. Nothing, not even my husband, then boyfriend, threatening to break up with me (a threat that I thoroughly didn't believe)was going to keep me from getting a kitty kat of my very own. So, the search was on. I was on petfinder.com constantly, searching for the perfect match. Finally, one day I just went to the animal shelter, were I met my baby. I didn't have any luck at first, but when I saw her, it was love at first sight. She was eight months old, and adorable, and so little.
Her name is Clementine, but most of the time we just call her kitty, or kitters. My husband, who threatened to break up with me for getting her, now loves on her more than me sometimes. He'll baby talk to her and everything.
Anyways, I mostly just wanted to post a picture of her, so here it is.